Monday, November 30, 2009

Shotmaker - Discography

Shotmaker is from Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Started in 1993, they were a post-hardcore/emo outfit who played aggressive yet melodic hardcore music.
The point is, seriously, this band is amazing and I don't remember if I downloaded this or where I got it from. My favourite track is Uninhibited but they're literally all good.
This is their discography that has 37 songs on it so I'm not going to take the time to write each one out.
I very very very very highly recommend this band to everyone.


  1. hi! you said, the discography has 37 songs, but actually it contents of 43 ones. are they all included in this archive?

  2. The archive doesn't content the 43 tracks, nor 37, since one (Blocks) is corrupt and you get 36.

  3. Sorry if something is wrong with the download, I'll fix it when I get some time. I've been busy.