Monday, November 30, 2009

In Disgust - Reality Choke

Short. Sweet. Fast.
In Disgust are a grindcore / power violence band from San Jose. Going from high pitched screams to low growls, these 15 tracks total out to 9 minutes... One of my favourites.
Buy this album from the link provided because it's straight from the bands label, so the money goes directly to them.

1. To Live A Lie
2. Vas A Ver
3. Reality Choke
4. Cut Your Losses
5. Slave
6. Perdido
7. I Can't Forget
8. Pity Addict
9. Thrown Out
10. Cali Smile
11. Shoulda Known
12. All Gone Away
13. What Goes Around
14. The End
15. Justified



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