Friday, December 4, 2009

Moldar - Discography

Moldar was a (completely underrated) band from Pasadena, California who were active from 2007-2009. All five of these songs sound at least a bit different from the others. They're all really good, though. Speaking In Tongues sounds like the vocals from Shotmaker and the istrumentals from the Explosions in the Sky album Those Who Tell the Truth Shall Die.
All in all I, this is worth downloading and checking out, you won't regret it. I'm glad there's still some good bands being pumped out.



Monday, November 30, 2009

Shotmaker - Discography

Shotmaker is from Belleville, Ontario, Canada. Started in 1993, they were a post-hardcore/emo outfit who played aggressive yet melodic hardcore music.
The point is, seriously, this band is amazing and I don't remember if I downloaded this or where I got it from. My favourite track is Uninhibited but they're literally all good.
This is their discography that has 37 songs on it so I'm not going to take the time to write each one out.
I very very very very highly recommend this band to everyone.

In Disgust - Reality Choke

Short. Sweet. Fast.
In Disgust are a grindcore / power violence band from San Jose. Going from high pitched screams to low growls, these 15 tracks total out to 9 minutes... One of my favourites.
Buy this album from the link provided because it's straight from the bands label, so the money goes directly to them.

1. To Live A Lie
2. Vas A Ver
3. Reality Choke
4. Cut Your Losses
5. Slave
6. Perdido
7. I Can't Forget
8. Pity Addict
9. Thrown Out
10. Cali Smile
11. Shoulda Known
12. All Gone Away
13. What Goes Around
14. The End
15. Justified



Heroin - S/T

Heroin was a short-lived but influential underground hardcore punk/emo band, originating in San Diego in 1989. They were forerunner of the screamo subgenre of hardcore punk and were known for their complicated, difficult-to-digest explosion of carcinogenic guitar noise, almost unbearably fast drums, heart attack-inducing rhythms, and screamed, frantic vocals. Their lyrics were invariably intelligent and perceptive, sometimes even poetic.

Alright, so that’s basically some copypasta from wikipedia and Heroin’s page on Gravity Records. I don’t really find them too “difficult-to-digest”, and I don’t find they have “unbearably fast drums”, and I don’t find they have “screamed, frantic vocals.” Still, seriously though. I love this band. This is one of their self titled releases which I got from a friend who got it from a friend. I can’t find it uploaded anywhere or on any blogs, so enjoy this.
“You have to live with yourself, or not at all.”