Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I Hate Myself - Discography

This is hands down honsest to god one of if not my favourite bands.
I realize you find I Hate Myself everywhere, I just took the liberty of throwing in all the albums so you can download them all easier. That's because...
You have to have them all. All their albums sound different, and they're all good. Their full length "Ten Songs" is an obvious favourite, but a lot of people look over the Final 7" which is often considered better than Ten Songs and it only has 2 songs on it. Anyways my other favourite is the "tht split". I don't know if that's named properly or not... and if it is I don't know who or what tht is, but it's good.

This band is unrivaled because I literally can't find anything that sounds like it.
To be honest I chuckled to myself the first time I heard the name of the band, but completely fell in love after giving it a couple of listens.
To this day I can't find anything as good or as emotional. It's so cliche to say "You can feel the emotion from the band", but if there's any better time to say it, it's now.

Before this gets too TL;DR, I'll shut up and provide a link.

Final 7"
Ten Songs
tht split
3 songs 12"
4 songs
(There's also a live version of Darren's Roof that I don't know where I got, or what it's from.)

Some notable tracks to keep an ear out for without listing off everything:
Less Than Nothing
Roy on the Make
This Isn't The Tenki-Ichi-Budokai
To a Husband at War
Drama in the Emergency Room
Polar Bear Summer
Darren's Roof
...And Keep Reaching for Those Stars
Conversations With Dr.Seussicide
Caught in a Flood with the Captain of the Cheerleading Squad

aaaaand I ended up naming half the songs



  1. Hey keep up the good work. I've been looking for a heroin album for a really long time, and then i found your page! Thanks.

  2. tht = Twelve Hour Turn
    Check them out too. Great band. Their "The Victory of Flight" LP is awesome record.

  3. I can't believe i never put two and two together -_-.....

  4. thanks a lot for putting up this collection. i just pulled out all of their old vinyl and am seriously blown away by how good they still sound. one of my only "favorite bands" from that era that not only holds up but has gotten better with time (and age). also check out Burnman if you haven't before. some of the same dudes with a similar sensibility, but much spazzier.